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Organizing kids puzzles

Hey guys. I'm here with a break in sanity.  My 3-year-old LOVES puzzles. I mean crazy obsessed with puzzles. He got a dozen for Christmas and I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head (thank the heavens for Dollar Tree... a bunch of them were from there and saved my wallet.) But they ALL came in these flimsy, crummy boxes. You know the kind. The paper ones that rip when you simply open the box. And it sure doesn't help that they're tapped shut. A quarter of the boxes ripped apart just from opening them the first time. So most of his puzzles were in coffin-like boxes with no top, they were sent off to die essentially. This had been driving me crazy and I just couldn't take it anymore. So I cut the boxes up!  I cut out a picture of the finished puzzle and taped each to the lid of one of his baby brother's formula containers, cleaned out the inside, then dumped each puzzles pieces into the container. I've finally saved my mind! Now the puzzle containers