Red Light, Green Light - Going on an adventure around town

Watching Bubble Guppies on Nick Jr the other morning I got a chip on my shoulder to use it as a learning experience with my oldest. Molly and Gil were going around town in the beginning of the episode on their way to school seeing their neighborhood. When they got to school, Mr. Grouper started teaching them about their neighborhood. Once the episode was over, I asked Big Boy if he wanted to go for a ride around his neighborhood like the Guppies. He was floored so we set out!

We saw places he'd already seen tons of times before but this time was more interesting and fun for him because he said, "I'm a Bu Guppie Mommy!"

We drove by a mailbox to drop some mail in. While we were there, we saw the post office. Then we saw the library, a police car, two big churches (a "yellow" one made of limestone and a "red" one made of bricks), the house that he was made in..., the little kids school, the big kids school, a bridge that went over a road, a bridge that went over a river, a big sign, and the bank.

But the best part was the stop light. There was focus in the episode about red light and green light. So when we got home, I drew up a mock stop light and went to work tiring him out for a nap!

This was after playing. It's well loved already.

I held my hand over the green spot and started at the front corner of the island. Then my moved my hand to cover the red spot and yelled, "Green light! Go!"

I took off around the island guiding him behind me. When we made our first lap, I stopped and simultaneously covered the green spot yelling, "Red light! Stop!"

We stopped and he laughed, Then I covered the red spot again and yelled, "Green light!" and he took off running again.

When he finally pooped out, I'd lost track of how many laps he'd run around the kitchen. He napped great though!

Want some Bubble Guppies fun to inspire your own adventure? Check out the link below for the series!

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