Teacher Appreciation Gifts (Because right now, they truly deserve it)

Teachers, am I right?

This world is pretty crazy anymore but no matter how you stand on going back to school (face-to-face, online, or hybrid), we're pretty lucky to have so many wonderful teachers ready to roll with the punches. Where would we be without these beneficial educators giving us so much of their time and energy all to make us better people?

That's why teacher appreciation gifts are so important in expressing to them why we're all so thankful for them, especially now.

What are some perfect ways to show our gratitude to our teachers, especially in these times? Check out my Top 10 picks below.

Disclaimer: I do use affiliate links on here meaning that if you purchase anything through my affiliate links I receive commission at no additional cost to you! This is just a tool I use to bring you awesome products! My views and opinions are never swayed because of this! I only recommend products and services I love!

1. Apple Teacher Keychain

The perfect little reminder whenever they need to open their school desk, get into their car, or step into their home after a long day at school. A keychain is a kind, simple gesture that puts their students on their mind throughout the day, whenever they use their keys.

They cost $13.98 for a pack of 6.

2. The only drinking containers we actually need

The only liquids in the world are coffee and wine, right? Well, even if they aren't, your teacher can just pour the other drink options into these cups as well. Just remember, you can drink grape juice out of a wine glass in school but not "grape juice".

These cups will still help them keep their students on their mind whether at work or at home.

They're available at the link above for $23.95 for both cups.

3. Teacher Survival Kit

They can put whatever they want or need in here. Pencils? Easy. Tampon, pain medicine, and a secret stash of candy that their students won't find? Of course! And it's only $9.99.

Bonus points if you gift it with a bottle of hand sanitizer in there.

4. Won't get knocked over by kids bumping the teacher's desk

A kind reminder of why their doing this crazy teaching thing and why we love them for it. And even though it's missing the "and" at the end, it still has the Oxford Comma so your English teacher will like it too! 

You can find them at the link above for only $9.54!

5. We know what teachers are actually doing while writing lesson plans

It's no secret that a teacher's work isn't done when they leave the classroom for the day. But while they're at home writing lesson plans, grading papers, or trying to figure out what to do with their problem student (hopefully it's not your kid), they'll have this nicely colored reminder that good things come in glass bottles. And it's only $19.99.

6. If there were one product to describe a substantial amount of 2020

Boy, isn't this on point huh? What do I even need to say about it?

They're available for $16.99 at the link above.

7. Seriously, they need gift sets.

What's better than one gift? Multiple gifts in one package! Seriously, I can't be the only one who just adores getting gift sets as presents. They're so much fun to open, pulling out item after item after item. What's the cost of happiness? Amazon has it priced at $15.99 but the mug reminding them of it all is priceless.

8. Because water fountains aren't safe anymore

I've heard from other moms that they're sending their kids to school with a refillable water bottle because water fountains are a communal virus hand swapping nightmare normally. Why not give your teacher the same peace of mind for only $16.70.

9. For the other type of people out there

Straws are so much fun. I don't care if I'm a grown up now, they're still fun. Like the idea of a water bottle for your teacher but also want to add in a little more fun to it? Then the straw topped, Mason jar-like water cup is the way to go.

It's available at the link above for only $22.99.

10. What they really want.

You must have know that this was coming. Who doesn't suggest a gift card as a gift? I mean, it's in the name! And what better place than Amazon where I'm pretty sure they have everything. I mean, literally everything. All the things.

They even have one that you can print and pack up yourself if you want to include it with a physical gift.

Their gift cards start at $1 for some listings but this one is a super easy eGift Card with no shipping, wrapping, or printing needed so I felt like it wasn't the most fun option but it is the easiest and most straight to the point. The eGift cards in the link above start at $25 and are available with the cute little reminded "We appreciate you!"


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