Purple Pancakes (or Any Color You Want) with Hidden Baby Food

This is a great, easy recipe that's also sneakily healthy! It's so easy, just remember 2-1-1: 2 cups of pancake mix, 1 cup of water, and 1 4 oz jar of baby food. It's very easy to change up the color too, just trade out the purple baby food for a different color. You can add a little bit of food coloring to brighten up the color too (this recipe make for a pastel pancake).


2 cups of pancake mix
1 cup of water
1 4 oz jar of baby food
Additional food coloring (optional)


Combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly. Do not over mix. Cook as normal.

My oldest loves colored pancakes. If I ask him what he wants for breakfast, he'll tell me "red pancakes" or "blue pancakes" instead of "french toast" or "cereal".

These are great for holidays too! You could mix in carrot baby food, divide the batter in 2, add black food coloring to half, and make black and orange Halloween pancakes. You could mix up a double batch of the pancake mix and water then divide the batter in 2, add green bean or pea baby food to half and strawberry or beet baby food to the other half and make red and green Christmas pancakes.


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