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Closet Tour - Changing Table Tour - Organizing my boys changing table and closet to hold them both

Touring my boys' closet and changing table and showing how I organized them to hold both boys things. Separating my toddler's pull ups and my baby's diapers in the main drawer with the wipes, diaper cream, air freshener, lotion, bulb syringe, and rectal thermometer. The first small drawer has the baby's socks and shoes (cause his are small) and the second small drawer has the toddler's socks. The last compartment has the garbage can and spare bags. Then showing the closet layout for both boys, each having a side with a mutual, hanging shelving divider in the middle. The floor has large bins for the large items and the upper shelf has small and medium sized containers and all of the other miscellaneous things.       Check out my channel and follow my blog for more organization videos and my crazy life with 2 little boys! Disclaimer: While this is not a sponsored post, I do use affiliate links on here meaning that if you purchase anything through my affiliate links, I

Covid-19 Style Toy Cleaning! Getting in deep with all the toys: large, small, electronic, baby, ride ons, etc

Join me for a demonstration on how I've been cleaning toys since this pandemic started. I wash, sanitize, and sort fabric toys (plushies, blankets, and costumes), plastic and metal toys, baby toys and teethers, electronic toys, large toys, and ride ons. My boys' dad has been going to work throughout this pandemic and due to health conditions of at least one member of the family, I haven't been playing around with cleaning. The boys toys (hehe, that rhymed) are a big part of that, especially with a teething baby putting everything in his mouth. Note: I am not sponsored by any of the products used or listed in this video. The products, toys, and cleaners presented in this video are solely of my own volition.